With regards to inclusion of Nigerian Dwarves in the PNWMDGC

We are to be a mini-dairy-goat-club specifically focused on promoting the registered mini-cross breed goats. These goats are the progeny of a standard dairy goat crossed with Nigerian Dwarf.

We will not be including Nigerians directly in the club, though we may host a show that includes Nigerians in future once we start doing shows simply because it would help with promoting the minis in the pacific northwest area to have an already very popular breed being shown as well to draw people in.

Also, we will have a separate album on our facebook page featuring some high quality nigis for educational purposes. The Nigerians in the said album will be Finished Champions and/or have an LA score of 90+. They will also be goats that currently live or were born in the pacific northwest. This will help educate folks that wish to bring in new Nigerian Dwarf lines to the mini goat world but want help finding the best quality to add.

We hope this addresses everyone’s concerns with regards to Nigerians and mini-dairy-breeds. And we hope to see many more mini breeders of the Pacific Northwest “Like” our page and add their goats to be featured in our albums to help promote the many amazing mini-breed dairy goats.

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