Milk Test

Our first ever show in 2019 was the very first, EVER to include a “Milk Test Competition” for Mini Dairy Goats.

We were SO honored to work with MDGA and make it happen. We not only helped a couple herds get some real data on their animals, but 5 goats earned their milk stars, and 2 goats made MDGA’s Top 5 for One Day Milk Test for the 2019 milk test year!

2019 Milk Test *P Does:
Mini Mosaic Miracle *P
FMG JRRM Milk E Way *P
Mini Mosaic Tulip *P
Blackberry’s Mallory *P
Breeder: Than&Liz Duong/Owner at test: Magan Menard
Mini Mosaic Black Diamond *P

Finished Champions

Thanks to more showing options, more animals are getting a chance at Finishing their Championship titles! We’ve had multiple animals Finish at our shows including….

FMCH Soaring Heart’s Purple Rain *P
Breeder/Owner: Wendy Valentine

FMCH Tippsy Hill’s Chrysanthemum Pearl *P
Breeder: Eve Hawkins Owner at show: Melody Faville

FCH Ravenna’s PA Obie
Breeder/Owner: Lacia Bailey

Past Show Results

2019: Coming Soon!

2020: No Show