Finished Champions: Mini Lamanchas

35402071_253922415164375_1360620848821567488_oFCH Cherry Butte Carousel Sunday 

Photo courtesy of Aaron Zisk from Cherry Butte Dairy Goats

35799282_257439111479372_6512748194152054784_nFMCH Glimmercroft Annari Faurie *P

2012 NWABGC Annari GCH Sue Barker
2013 NWABGC Annari GCH/BIS/BUIS Elizabeth Henning
2013 NWABGC Annari GCH/BIS/BUIS Pat Hendrickson

Fun facts about this doe: she’s only 24 inches tall (perfect mini size), was 1 of triplets, and was originally thought to NOT be the best of her triplet siblings, but she quickly blossomed and has proven her worth in show and milk!

Photo and info courtesy of Laura Workman at Glimmercroft Farm