PNWMDGC Summer Sensations 2021 Rules

PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Show Rules:

This PNWMDGC show is sanctioned by MDGA.

⇒The PNWMDGC show will be governed by MDGA Rules.

See MDGA Show Rules Here:

1.  Summer Sensations is separately sanctioned for Senior Does, Junior Does,
Senior Bucks, Jr. Bucks and will be sanctioned Mini Nubian & AOM.

All entries are nonrefundable. We will allow substitutions at check in with no additional fee – but no refunds for Entries or Pens.

2. All Animals must be registered or have an assigned registration number from their registry. Any goat receiving Grand or Reserve Champion win will have 10 days to register with MDGA and/or TMGR, failure to register with both registries will mean loss of any legs to the Reserve Champion with that registry provided they are registered with the a fore mentioned registries.

3. All Animals MUST be tattooed and/or microchipped regardless of age. Tattoos must be clear and match their registration certificate. If tattoos are not readable or do not match their certificate, they will not qualify for their Grand or Reserve Champion win/leg.
If Microchipped, owner must provide chip reader.

4. Animals with horns or scurs exceeding two inches ARE NOT acceptable for showing.

5.  No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the grounds, and no milk dumping on the fairgrounds except in designated areas.

6. PNWMDGC will need to keep the show progressing smoothly to stay on time, therefore the order of the show may be subject to change.

7. Please come prepared with tie chains, especially if you are showing in more than one class. We will have volunteers to help show but they may not always be available to help you. Ask for help when checking in if you will need help showing. We can try to find someone, but there are no guarantees.

8. If no one is available to show when your breed is called to the ring, your animal may miss the class.
We will only give 2 calls to enter the ring.

9. In addition, please keep ALL first and second place animals ringside so that we may quickly get them in the lineup for Grand and Reserve Champion. All first place animals will line up when it is called, with all second place animals directly behind those places.

10. Health papers are not required, but animals showing signs of serious illness or disease WILL be required to be removed from the fairgrounds. The Show Committee’s decisions will be Final. Animals ARE looked over by the show committee upon check in. Please leave animals at home with obvious signs of potential illness. These animals will be asked to leave the barn immediately. They may be taken to your trailer to spend the rest of the day if you choose, but sick animals will not be allowed to stay in the barn. This will be strictly enforced. If crossing state lines, please check with your vet to ensure you have the right forms.

11.  Animals and Exhibitors are showing at their own risk. PNWMDGC will not be held responsible for any injury, death, sickness, or complication that may arise as a result from showing on the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds to you or your animals. Entering this show will indicate the exhibitor has read and understands all the rules and agrees to follow all the rules and holds no accountability to the show or show committee for anything gone wrong, lost, stolen, injured, sick, or death.

12.  Proper showmanship will be required by all participants. If an exhibitor should become out of control, they will be asked to leave immediately, and any money paid to the club will not be refunded. So please, show nice. Our show committee reserves the right to resolve ANY and ALL issues, if they are show related or not, and their decision is final. PNWMDGC reserves the right to refuse entries into the show.

13. Showmanship Class and Show will begin Promptly at 7pm Friday, June 25th.

14. Check-in will begin Friday, June 25th from 3:00 pm and will continue through Saturday morning. If you will be arriving earlier in the week or before 3:00 pm Friday, please let our club know so we can meet you there for check in.
All animals competing should be checked in by 8:30 am Saturday, June 26th. Judging will begin at 9:00 am, Saturday, June 26th.

15. The Show will begin ON TIME at 9:00 am Saturday, June 26th, beginning with the Senior Does.

16. Entry fees are non-refundable and are $6 per animal, per ring for PNWMDGC members and $8 per animal, per ring for non-members early fees paid before 6/14/21, and $10 per animal, per ring for PNWMDGC members and $12 per animal, per ring for non-members paid after 6/14/21.

17. Entries are to be completed on the PNWMDGC Show Registration Form.  All Show Fees are to be sent via PayPal to (Friends & Family)
Or to PNWMDGC c/o Sarah Donaldson 42001 NE Dobler Hill Rd. Woodland, WA 98674, checks made out to Pacific Northwest Mini Dairy Goat Club.

18. By entering the PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Mini Dairy Goat Show, you indicate that you have READ and UNDERSTAND these show rules and you agree to comply with them.

At our 2021 show we will NOT be held responsible for other peoples decisions regarding their health. We are NOT their doctors. However, we have been asked by owners of the fairgrounds to require mask wearing in accordance with state guidelines.

If you don’t know the person nearest you, or you do know them and know they have concerns about sickness, please be respectful of them and give them 6 feet of space.

We will have disposable masks and hand sanitizer available at entrances for everyone to use at their discretion.

I plan to use a Face Shield at check-in so as to respect the concerns others may have during close contact for check-in.

We will be discussing the best way for our judges to do their job so as to protect them and be respectful of our showmen. We are considering asking them to wearing a shield or mask while assessing animals hands-on, but then removing said mask/shield while giving their reasons for placements so people can still hear what they have to say.

We will also ask that if you see someone NOT wearing a mask or shield, that you ASSUME they have a reason for not wearing one, possibly medical related.

There will be NO confrontations over mask-wearing. Anyone who tries to create drama over this issue will be asked to leave, and any fees they’ve paid will be forfeited to the club.